UAE FinTech officially launches to give a ‘voice’ to UAE fintech companies

UAE FinTech officially launches to give a ‘voice’ to UAE fintech companies

Seven years after launching the highly successful Australian FinTech platform in Australia, the team behind it have launched their first fintech news and information site in the Middle East, with UAE FinTech now officially live.

The UAE FinTech site will replicate the Australian FinTech news platform, but for the United Arab Emirates.

“Fintech in the UAE is exploding and no one was doing for fintech in the UAE what we have been doing in Australia for almost the past 8 years,” said Cameron Dart, CEO of The FinTech Company, the global media organisation and parent company of UAE FinTech.

Like all their other sites, UAE FinTech will give a ‘voice’ to fintech companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals and everything in between.

The UAE FinTech platform already showcases over 300 fintechs operating in the UAE, based mainly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The launch of the new site now brings the total to eight tech-related news and information sites. In addition to Australian FinTech and the new UAE FinTech, The FinTech Company also controls US FinTech, UK FinTech, Ireland FinTech and their global site, International FinTech. They also preside over two niche platforms being Australian Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and PropTech News, Australia’s only dedicated news platform for the burgeoning property technology sector.

As part of the launch, UAE FinTech are Media Partners for the upcoming Dubai FinTech Summit, MEBIS and Dubai Innovative Finance Expo events.

For more information on these events please visit:

UAE FinTech also has discount codes for these events so please get in contact should you wish to attend.