What is UAE FinTech?

UAE FinTech is a space dedicated to promoting and discussing all things FinTech. Whether it be for Personal Finance, Payment Platforms, Banking, Digital Banking, Savings and Budgeting Apps, UAE FinTech has it covered.

For FinTech companies and existing technologies we designed the site so that each company can have a page to showcase their products. As a start we have included a brief description of what each company has to offer. We expect UAE FinTech to become the port of call for an increasingly interested public to find out what the industry can offer them.

For the public we have made it as easy as possible to lean about what the industry is about and what companies are involved. We are developing the world’s most comprehensive directory of FinTech companies – so if you are trying to find a company you have heard of then we’re sure you’ll find it here. By categorizing these  FinTech companies by what existing product they are revolutionising, you can find the companies that can provide you a more efficient experience for all your financial needs.

Some FinTech companies are improving on certain aspects of our existing financial industry while others are introducing completely new technologies. Where we can, we have explained what each aspect of this new industry is in both our own words as well as the best descriptions we can find on the net.

The ultimate goal for UAE FinTech is to provide a place where the industry and the public can work together to foster a successful industry.