PlanPay, launched in February 2023 and led by CEO Gary Burrows and Chair Sophie Karzis, is transforming the travel industry by offering a digitized lay-by platform which allows customers to unlock a world of travel experiences without the financial hangover.

The seamless technology integrates directly into a merchant’s checkout experience, enabling customers to personalise the number and frequency of their instalments, up to 2 years in advance of their travel date. Once their payments are complete, they’re free to enjoy the experience they’ve paid for with no further strings attached. With PlanPay customers can look forward to what they’ve planned for, not back at the debt that weighs them down. With no late fees, no interest and no penalties whatsoever, PlanPay is completely free for customers to use.

Merchants are able to utilise PlanPay to increase lead times and provide pricing incentives without discounting. By breaking down the cost into instalments merchants can drive conversion, reduce abandon cart, increase yield, and reduce the cost of customer acquisition. PlanPay’s market leading merchant fee structure is a fraction of the cost of OTAs and fully integrates with backend systems, unifying the experience for both the customer and the merchant.