Visa signs a 3-year partnership with Dubai FinTech Summit

Visa signs a 3-year partnership with Dubai FinTech Summit

Visa, a global leader in digital payments, has joined the Dubai FinTech Summit, organised by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global Financial Centre in the MEASA region, – as a Founding Partner & Co-Host underscoring its dedication to support innovative and future thinking businesses on a global scale. Visa has cemented its partnership with DFS through a strategic three-year agreement, demonstrating a strong commitment to the fintech ecosystem.

Through initiatives like the Fast Track programme, Accelerators and Visa Everywhere, Visa is at the forefront of empowering FinTechs, providing them with the necessary resources and personalised tools to create innovative solutions needed to enhance the digital economy for consumers and businesses.

Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO at DIFC Innovation Hub, said, “True innovation springs from collaboration. One of our objectives at the Dubai FinTech Summit is to unite global leaders, innovators and disruptive start-ups to forge the most progressive, inclusive, and technologically advanced financial community. Our alliance with Visa, solidified through a three-year agreement, aligns perfectly with our aim to provide a dynamic environment for innovation and enterprise to flourish in Dubai and beyond as we shape a resilient financial ecosystem. With Visa’s continued support and expertise, we look forward to delivering an exceptional event that will inspire and empower the FinTech community.”

Hasan M. Kazmi, Vice President and Head of Digital Partnerships for Visa CEMEA, said, “As a global leader in digital payments, Visa is committed to fostering innovation and driving the growth of the FinTech ecosystem. Our three-year partnership with the Dubai FinTech Summit reflects our dedication to supporting FinTechs in the region and beyond.

“At Visa, we recognise the transformative power of FinTechs in developing innovative payment solutions, expanding access to financial services and enabling the growth of the wider digital economy. Our participation as a co-host sponsor of the Dubai FinTech Summit provides us and our partners with a valuable platform to explore collaborative opportunities and drive further innovation in digital commerce. We believe that Dubai and DIFC’s position as a global centre for innovation makes it the ideal location for this summit. By bringing together global FinTech and technology experts, the Summit will facilitate meaningful discussions and connections that will shape the future of finance not only in the region but also on a global scale.”

In line with the D33 Agenda to position Dubai as the top four global financial hub by 2033, the 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit is designed to encourage cross-border collaboration and innovation, pivotal to transforming the global FinTech sector. It presents a unique opportunity to explore emerging FinTech trends and their potential to drive financial progress in the MEASA region.

The Dubai FinTech Summit, scheduled for May 6-7, 2024, at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, will see an unprecedented gathering of over 8,000 decision-makers, 300+ thought leaders and 200+ exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge technologies.

Visitors can purchase tickets for the Dubai FinTech Summit 2024, with early bird prices ending soon.