Vault set to revolutionize investment practices in the UAE with new digital platform

Vault set to revolutionize investment practices in the UAE with new digital platform

Private wealth management platform Vault is set to revolutionize investment practices in the UAE through its state-of-the-art digital platform.

Recognizing the prevalent challenges faced by clients, Vault’s founders leveraged their industry experience to address key issues and reshape the investment landscape.

Sami Abdul-Hadi, who co-founded Vault with CEO Bilal Abou-Diab, said, “In the region, many clients were receiving inconsistent financial advice and being mis-sold investment products that did not align with their long-term objectives. For example, whole of life insurance plans sold as investments, or individual high yield bonds sold as capital-guaranteed investments.

“Another common problem was that clients would be sold an investment by an advisor and rarely hear from them again.”

With a population of 8 million adults, the UAE possesses total wealth exceeding 1 trillion USD, with financial assets accounting for 63.4% of this amount. Furthermore, 9.6% of adults possess over 100,000 USD, with an average wealth per person of approximately 122,841 USD. In context, around 177,000 individuals can be classified as USD millionaires.

However, the prevailing trend in the UAE is to hold the majority of financial wealth in cash, while the United States sees over 80% of financial wealth actively invested. This is primarily due to a lack of awareness and understanding regarding effective investment allocation.

Having obtained a regulatory license from the strictest and most stringent regulator in Abu Dhabi Global Markets, Vault aims to solve these problems by fostering lasting relationships and helping individuals secure their financial future.

Vault’s investment philosophy revolves around generating a natural yield from a diversified range of income-generating assets, prioritizing long-term preservation, mitigating risks through diversification, and capitalizing on global opportunities to maximize investment outcomes.

In addition to advising clients on long-term diversification strategies, Vault offers exclusive access to thematic and private investments such as venture capital, artificial intelligence, and private real estate. With minimums as low as $60,000 in private opportunities, Vault seeks to democratize asset classes traditionally accessible only to ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Furthermore, besides providing passive monthly income, Vault offers the opportunity to earn 4.53% APY interest on cash, more than five times the average offered by banks in the UAE, without any lock-in periods.

As part of Vault’s commitment to providing personalized support to each individual client, the platform remains invite-only. Upon joining the waitlist, advisors arrange a 30-minute discovery call to ensure Vault is the right fit for each individual’s investment goals.

With a transparent approach that prioritizes clients’ best interests, both in incentives and practices, Vault brings clients the best of both worlds: personalized advice and a suite of exclusive investment opportunities.