Tumodo partners with Tabby to facilitate travel management practices

Tumodo partners with Tabby to facilitate travel management practices

To stimulate growth in the UAE travel industry, reaching an estimated $1.4 trillion by 2024, B2B travel platform Tumodo has officially announced the integration of its services into Tabby’s travel management.

Integration of Tumodo’s services into Tabby’s business processes is another step in the digital transformation of MENA’s travel market. The UAE aims to double the contribution of the digital economy to the UAE’s non-oil GDP from 11.7 % to over 20 % within the next 10 years. Tumodo’s solutions offer businesses improved visibility and control over travel expenses, ensuring transparency and accountability. This leads to developing the region`s businesses and strengthening the UAE as a business hub.

As a leading shopping and financial services app, Tabby helps millions of people in MENA stay in control of their finances with payment flexibility. In fact, Tabby’s team members make about 100 business trips to Riyadh, Cairo, and Yerevan every month. Collaboration with Tumodo simplifies this process: Tabby’s HR team can now easily plan and manage business trips.

Moreover, Tumodo’s internal research shows that, overall, more than 80% of employees from a range of companies started complying with their internal travel policies. By following the travel policy, businesses reduce their harmful impact on the environment, which follows the UAE’s agenda on sustainability.

Global Business Travel Association’s analysis marks a significant improvement: 89% of business travel companies highlight sustainability as a key priority for their company. Through Tumodo’s collaborations, the company grabs attention on environmental issues among large companies in the MENA region.

As Tumodo expands in the MENA region, it continues to be strongly committed to environmental responsibility by partnering with sustainability-conscious companies. Moreover, the company advises its customers and partners on eco-friendly travel practices. To minimise ecological impact while travelling, Tumodo recommends its clients and partners use public transport and, if possible, travel by train, not overpack for a short business trip, and book hotels that use energy-efficient practices.

“The collaboration with Tabby signifies a major step forward in our mission to digitalize business travel in the UAE and GCC, including the use of AI technologies. Now, we can extend brands’ reach to a wider audience and lead to a sustainable future,” Vladimir Kokorin, Founder of Tumodo, said.

Global business travel market spending rose to $1.03 trillion in 2022 and is expected to surpass its pre-pandemic $1.4 trillion in 2024. Despite some companies’ preferences for online meetings, the market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2027. This integration of Tumodo’s services into Tabby’s travel management enhances business efficiency and reinforces the region’s commitment to sustainability, positioning the UAE as a leading business hub focusing on eco-conscious practices.