Triterras to promote its working capital lending solutions to Card Cutters’ UAE clients

Triterras to promote its working capital lending solutions to Card Cutters’ UAE clients

Triterras, a leading fintech company focused on trade and trade finance, have announced a cooperation agreement with Card Cutters. Under the terms of the agreement, Triterras will directly promote its working capital loan solutions to Card Cutters’ customers in the UAE.

The initiative is part of the company’s larger strategy to partner with e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) platform providers to provide end-to-end digital lending solutions to its customers. Triterras’ ecosystem brings together funders and micro, small and medium enterprises (“MSME”) borrowers to increase access and efficiency for all parties. The Kratos™ blockchain-enabled platform is powered by advanced credit analysis tools and revenue-based financing analytics and facilitates transactions in a completely digital environment.

Card Cutters is one of the fastest growing merchant services companies operating within the emirate, offering a wide range of credit and debit card processing services and the latest chip and PIN solutions.

Based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Card Cutters UAE provides POS terminals, credit card machines and web-based payment gateways to its customer base. Founded in 2009 in the UK, Card Cutters serves over 10,000 merchants.

“We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Card Cutters. We believe our collaboration provides an additional value-added benefit to card cutters’ offerings, where their customers will be provided with much-needed working capital, and funders will have access to attractive loan opportunities on our Kratos™ platform Which they would not have had otherwise. Available to them. It’s a “win-win” for all parties,” said Srinivas Koneru, President and CEO of Triterras.

Triterras‘ e-commerce loan program is designed for a multitude of e-commerce platform applications, including e-commerce aggregators, e-commerce marketplaces and POS service providers. The company has demonstrated its ability to provide capital to micro and small business clients through collaboration with various platform providers. The program is being offered in the UAE through Triterras’ invoice marketplace subsidiary.