Revolut and UAE fintech GTN partner to unlock the bond market in the EEA

Revolut and UAE fintech GTN partner to unlock the bond market in the EEA

GTN, a global fintech redefining trading and investing for all, have announced a partnership with Revolut, a global financial super-app with over 40 million users worldwide, to launch bond trading to EEA customers on the Revolut app.

Leveraging GTN’s instant click-to-trade functionality delivered via its FIX and REST APIs, Revolut will unlock the bond investing experience for its EEA app users. This intuitive and user-friendly approach will empower Revolut users to participate seamlessly in the previously complex world of fixed-income assets.

Revolut customers can already trade bonds directly via the Invest section of the easy-to-navigate Revolut app.

“This is yet another step in Revolut’s mission to build an all-in-one investment platform that is multi-asset class, has coverage across EEA markets, and caters to both advanced and beginner users. Bonds provide an excellent opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios with fixed income,” said Rolandas Juteika, Head of Wealth and Trading (EEA) at Revolut.

As of December 2023, the global bond market stood at a staggering $100 trillion, yet retail investors have faced limitations in accessing this asset class, particularly regarding government and corporate bonds outside their home countries. Through bonds starting at just €100, GTN and Revolut are breaking down these barriers and democratising bond investing. Revolut users can effortlessly invest with a few clicks, eliminating high minimum investments and simplifying access to a broader range of assets for portfolio diversification.

“We are delighted to partner with Revolut to enable their clients to access the bond markets, a truly compelling offering for small investors. Our API allows Revolut to make investing in bonds as easy as investing in stocks,” said Ankit Shah, Global Head of Fintech at GTN. “The fractionalisation of bonds eliminates the traditional barriers of high minimum investments and other related complexities, transforming how people build wealth.”

Bond investing is experiencing a surge in popularity, and GTN is powering this exciting trend. This latest collaboration empowers individuals with smaller capital to overcome traditional hurdles and diversify their portfolios with a broader range of assets. It perfectly aligns with GTN’s mission of democratising access to investment opportunities for everyone.