Keytom, the all-in-one neobank for digital assets, launches in the UAE

Keytom, the all-in-one neobank for digital assets, launches in the UAE

Keytom, the innovative neobank, has embarked on its official launch, setting the goal of urging in a new era of financial management by organizing all digital assets in one convenient location. Keytom harnesses a diverse array of financial services, catering to the needs of individuals and businesses across the realms of both traditional fiat and cryptocurrencies.

At its core, the company champions financial empowerment, positioning itself as the ‘one bank for all digital assets’. Keytom’s vision lies in dismantling financial barriers and uniting fiat and crypto domains within a cohesive framework accessible to everyone. The neobank’s clients can oversee their funds via a unified interface accessible through web browsers or a mobile application.

The company’s strategic roadmap involves an extensive trajectory of expansion. At present, Keytom offers investment strategies and transactions in crypto and USDT as its flagship products, with plans to introduce swaps and fiat options shortly. Once the convenience of seamless crypto/fiat payments becomes available, Keytom’s next phase of evolution will shift towards introducing collateral loans, staking, and cashback services. These are slated for implementation towards the end of 2024 and early 2025.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Keytom boasts a global presence fortified by multiple licenses, including an MSB license in Canada and a VASP license in the Czech Republic. This underscores Keytom’s commitment to operating within a secure and regulated environment, ensuring that its services are delivered with utmost compliance and integrity.

An unwavering dedication to customer service excellence lies at the heart of Keytom’s strategic development. The team places great emphasis on the implementation of robust online security and fraud protection measures to instil confidence in clients and assure them of the safety and security of their financial assets and personal information.

“At Keytom, we focus on providing easy-to-access financial solutions designed to positively impact our customers’ lives and empower them with greater control over their finances. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain prominence in financial markets, we’ve dedicated significant efforts to integrating them into our services alongside traditional banking solutions. This inclusive approach and recognition of market potential make Keytom stand out in the neobanking space, giving us an immense potential for growth,” stated Eugene Krasicki, Founder and CEO at Keytom.