Interest in personal finance in UAE has grown by 54% since 2022: UnaFinancial

Interest in personal finance in UAE has grown by 54% since 2022: UnaFinancial

Analysts of UnaFinancial have studied search queries on personal finance management in the United Arab Emirates. The greatest interest is observed in the investment sector. At the same time, the popularity of savings and deposits shows the fastest growth.

The analysts considered 17 queries related to personal finance in English and Arabic over the past two years, using Google Ads. They revealed that the interest in this topic in the country has increased by 54% since 2022 – from 35,000 to 54,000 queries.

The investment segment is of the greatest interest among the population. The number of requests in January 2024 equaled 40,000, which is a 41%-increase compared to the beginning of 2022. The English-speaking population of the UAE is mostly interested in the stock market, stocks and bonds (30%, 16% and 13% of requests, respectively). In Arabic, the most popular queries are investments in gold (20%) and real estate (12%).

One more category of personal finance management is savings and deposits. These queries show the highest monthly growth rate among other tools – 3.4%. In January 2024, the number of requests increased 2.1 times compared to the beginning of 2022.

The third segment, which was considered as a part of personal finance management, is financial planning. The average monthly growth rate of these requests over the past 24 months equaled 2.8%. In January 2024, the figure grew by 87% compared to 2022.

Analysts of UnaFinancial commented, “As seen from the findings, personal finance management is  gaining popularity in the UAE. This may also be supported by the rapid development of finance apps in the country – in H1 2022, the number of their installs grew by 183% compared to H1 2021. As for the most popular tool for finance management – investments – the number of app downloads grew nearly 8 times from 2021 to 2023 and is projected to reach 47 million by 2028.”