Bud Financial partners with Fintech Galaxy to take financial services personalisation to new heights

Bud Financial partners with Fintech Galaxy to take financial services personalisation to new heights

Data intelligence platform Bud Financial is joining forces with Fintech Galaxy, a leader in Open Banking and financial innovation, to strengthen the Open Banking scene in the MENA region and transform how financial institutions (FIs), FinTechs, and businesses integrate and leverage customer data. The partnership is based on a shared vision to harness the power of Open Banking and data intelligence to deliver unparalleled insights into customer behavior and financial needs.

Bud Financial and Fintech Galaxy will blend advanced, Artificial Intelligence-powered data enrichment techniques with the Open Finance FINX Platform enabling FIs to craft financial experiences that truly resonate with individual needs.

This collaboration is all about bringing tangible benefits to banks and FinTechs, including but not limited to:

Personalized Products and Experiences: Financial service providers can now offer products such as personal financial management apps, loans, savings accounts, and investment plans tailored to the individual’s financial behavior and needs.

Better Access to Credit: With a more in-depth understanding of a customer’s financial history and habits, lenders can develop more accurate credit scoring models and automate or streamline their affordability decisioning, reducing risk and opening new avenues for underserved markets.

Tailored Money Management Features: Providers of apps and digital services can integrate financial insights to offer personalized budgeting advice, helping consumers manage their finances more effectively.

“This isn’t just a partnership; it’s a step towards a future where finance feels friendly, accessible, and genuinely helpful,” said Mirna Sleiman, the Founder and CEO of Fintech Galaxy. “We’re all in to create a world where your financial services understand and adapt to you — not the other way around.”

Echoing that sentiment, Bud Financial’s Co-Founder and COO, George Dunning, added, “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Fintech Galaxy. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Bud, as we bring our proven transaction enrichment capabilities to enhance the open banking experience in the region. The combination of Fintech Galaxy’s robust open banking infrastructure and Bud’s innovative data intelligence will enable banks and fintechs in the Middle East to harness the full potential of customer transaction data. This venture builds on our successful track record in the UK and US markets, demonstrating Bud’s commitment to delivering its best-in-class data intelligence suite globally. We look forward to contributing to the flourishing fintech ecosystem in the Middle East and transforming the way financial institutions use their data for the benefit of both their customers and their businesses.”

The partnership between Bud and Fintech Galaxy isn’t just about launching new tech. It’s about reimagining financial services in the MENA region, as they become more tailored, more engaging, and more attuned to what people truly need.