Astra Tech launches payments through face biometrics in Abu Dhabi

Astra Tech launches payments through face biometrics in Abu Dhabi

UAE fintech company Astra Tech has unveiled an autonomous retail store in Abu Dhabi’s Sky Tower, featuring a unique payment system that utilises face biometrics. Astra Tech acquired the fintech company PayBy last year and integrated its ‘FacePay’ point-of-sale technology into the store. The implementation of this biometric payment authentication system aims to enhance the speed and convenience of transactions within the store.

The B Store primarily focuses on selling grocery items with extended shelf lives. Customers have the option to make payments either through their face biometrics or traditional payment cards. Upon indicating their preferred payment method, customers gain entry to the store.

For customers choosing FacePay, the registration process can be completed through an app. After downloading the app, users can enter the store and make biometric payments using the FacePay hardware available at the checkout.

Valeriya Thores, the Autonomous E-Commerce Director at Astra Tech, expressed excitement about the launch, stating that the introduction of the B Store marks a significant milestone in redefining the future of retail. Thores highlighted the integration of facial recognition technology as a revolutionary step that enhances the shopping experience, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled convenience and security.

By leveraging face biometrics for payments, Astra Tech aims to streamline the purchasing process, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash. This innovative approach not only offers convenience but also enhances security measures, providing customers with a unique and advanced shopping experience.

The launch of the B Store reflects Astra Tech’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of retail technology and signifies a step toward the future of autonomous and contactless shopping experiences.