Abu Dhabi’s Reem Finance partners with Visa to provide innovative digital payment solutions

Abu Dhabi’s Reem Finance partners with Visa to provide innovative digital payment solutions

Reem Finance, a leading financial services provider in the UAE, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with global digital payments leader, Visa. to expand its offerings by providing innovative, secure digital payment solutions to its customers including contactless enabled Visa cards and digital wallets. The move is set to solidify Reem Finance’s commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction and offering innovative payment solutions.

The partnership was inked at Visa’s regional headquarters in Dubai by Seraj Faidi, CEO of Reem Finance, and Dr. Saeeda Jaffar, Visa’s SVP and Group Country Manager for GCC, in the presence of a distinguished group of representatives from both companies.

Strategic Vision 

Seraj Faidi emphasised that this agreement reflects Reem Finance’s commitment to offering the latest technological and financial solutions, adding that the partnership will not only broaden customers’ financial portfolios but also align with the company’s strategic goal of fostering growth through ethical and innovative financial practices. The partnership aims to develop cutting-edge payment solutions that serve a diverse clientele, including individuals, SMEs, and international corporations. “We are committed to enhancing Reem Finance’s status in the finance sector by continuously delivering substantial value to shareholders while optimally satisfying customer needs,” Faidi said.

Promoting financial inclusion

Faidi stated that Reem Finance is embarking on a significant rebranding joruney, signaling a shift towards a more digital-focused era in its retail offerings. Emphasizing innovation and customer orientation, the company seeks to broaden its presence in the retail sector by leveraging advanced digital technologies and products. This strategic transformation is designed to prepare Reem Finance for future growth, including the expansion and relocation of its premises and the integration of sophisticated technologies.

Diversifying Products

Meanwhile, Noman Aziz Mir, Chief Strategy Officer at Reem Finance, noted that the company is steadfastly pressing ahead with its statgey aimed at diversifying its products and developing its digital services within the retail sector to cater to a broad customer base, adding that the agreement aligns with RF’s plans  to invest in advanced digital technologies.

Moreover, Reem Finance seeks to promote its offerings by providing a comprehensive series of innovative payment products and services characterized by efficiency, flexibility, and security. These include contactless payments, digital wallets, secure online transactions, simplified payment processes, and augmented financial inclusion for its customers, Mir said.

Innovative Financial Solutions

For her part, Salima Gutieva, Visa’s VP and Country Manager for UAE, commended RF for their commitment to providing exemplary financial services. She also expressed keenness in engaging in this strategic partnership with Reem Finance to deliver solutions that cater to their customers’ demands for more seamless, secure and rewarding payment experiences.

Gutieva affirmed, “We will collaborate closely with Reem Finance team to ensure we meet our shared objectives of delivering an optimal payment experience to consumers as well as advancing the local payments sector and fintech ecosystem in the region.”